My George Lamond Page

These first few pics came from Heidee, the head of TKA's fan club...You can thank her by visiting George and the rest of TKA at
TKA's Official Website

These pics might take a while to load, but believe me its WORTH the WAIT!!! Also make sure u Maximize the page

Look at all the love he gets from all his FANS!

This Is A Great Pic Of George!

Doing his thing!!!

Doesnt he look so sweet!!!!!

Blue is his color!


Thats why we love HIM!!!

This Is A Great Pic Of George!

George Is Looking Good On His Album Cover, The Hits and More

Isn't He Fine!!!

He Has A Great Smile

That's A Pic From His Bad Of The Heart Album

That's The Cover Of His In My Life Album

That's A Great Pic of Him From His WebSite

Doesn't He Look Hot In That Leather Jacket?!?!?!?

Great Pic From Back In the days

Doing What He Does BEST!!!!

Wow really back in the day pic


Hot Pic From Entraga

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